Smart encryption system for computers. This program distinguishes itself from many others by making encryption of hard drives absolutely independent from the operating system. It has an additional algorithm for the actions during emergency situations and/or force majeure occurrences when every second counts.

The standard features of CryptoCubix is the encryption of the hard drives, emergency “button” and the order of an emergency shutdown with encryption configuration, desktop auto clearing after each reboot, module for “antipasswords” and for the blockage of the main archive in case of unauthorized access attempts, and the ability to use VPN connection at all times.

Advanced functionality is also available to the user through an intuitive interface. The user will be able to configure the number of “antipasswords,” system timers, as well as various alerts. In addition, the expended functionality has a simple tool for monitoring and limiting traffic on the PC. This tool can determine the risk of applications and limit or block the transmission of any information, except for the programs designated by the user.