Attentive driver

We are working on an automated system for the registration of protocols of administrative offenses (violation of parking rules) and linking it to the tow parking areas.


Why? If a person whose car was towed agrees with the violation, he will not have to wait for the traffic police officer to arrive to draw up an administrative offense report. The violator would be able to pay the tow expenses instantly through one of our online terminals or the mobile app and receive an accident report. The system would charge a 200 rubles commission fee.


What is offered? When the car is evacuated, the person who uses either our mobile app, the city’s parking app, or the app to pay administrative fines will receive a tow notice.


At the same time, the traffic police officer or the person towing the car fill in the data of the vehicle and violations in the mobile application (with a special login) and immediately uploads a photo of the car. All data is sent to the database and if the database has the contact information of the person whose car is being towed (or he is using our app), he immediately receives a tow notice. If there is no match, the data is simply saved in the system for next time. When the owner of the vehicle arrives at the pick-up spot to retrieve the car and if he agrees with the violation, he can just enter his car’s data into the payment terminal, pay his fine, print the violation protocol, and pick up the car. Thus, the amount of time that the traffic police officer spends on registering the violation will be significantly reduced, since most people who agree with the violation will just use our self-payment terminal. For violators alike, it would be much quicker to retrieve a towed vehicle. It would take no more than 10 minutes from the moment of arrival at the pick-up spot to get the car back.

How is it done now? A traffic police officer and a person towing the car draw up an administrative offense protocol and take photographs of the violation and the vehicle. Then the car is being towed. After a few hours, the violation data is sent to the police station. The violator somehow (there is no central process) finds out where his car is and goes to the pick-up spot. He waits in the line up to 2 hours for the traffic police officer and to jointly fill out an administrative offense protocol. Only then the car owner can pay for the tow fines and pick up the vehicle. This shows that the vehicle owner and the traffic police officer both lose a few hours and sometimes a whole day on the paperwork.