Autonomous transport

On the basis of the "Kurland" technopark together with the French company Navya and Tesla, we plan to implement the St. Petersburg Center for Electric and Autopilot Transport (CEAT). Currently, the project is being reviewed and additional partners are added in the face of major players in the leasing market, transport & finance industries, as well as taxi fleet owners.

Considering modern realities and considering global experiences with autonomous vehicles, 2019 is the best time to create a new market environment in Russia. Yet, there are significant risk factors for this type of ​​the transport industry, such as bureaucratic difficulties, the lack of legislative regulation and policies for autopilot on public roads, poor infrastructure development for electric transport, and low fuel prices. However, despite the above-mentioned risks, the future lies in electric transport and autonomous vehicles. The only question is how late this will come to Russia.

Market analysis shows that this new type of the transport industry is indeed lagging behind in all “commodity-based” economic systems. Nevertheless, even Russia has attractive incentives for owning electric transport, but there is no major industry player who could offer an acceptable level of support, service, and maintenance for electric vehicles owners. In addition, multiple large gas station chains sabotage the instruction of the Russian government No. 890 of August 27, 2015 “on the duty of equipping all gas stations of Russia with electric chargers”. As mentioned before, some regions still have multiple incentives for electric cars owners, such as free parking, zero tax rates, priority lanes, and so on. The leaders in this respect are Moscow and St. Petersburg.

For over 2 years we have been researching the issue of creating a completely new and still open direction for the transport industry in the country - creating a new market for electric and autonomous transport. At the moment, the long-term investment prospects are obvious and the first-mover almost always occupies a leading position for a long period of time!