SAI systems


Systems of Artificial Intelligence puts its clear vision, rigorously maintained values and, above all, its people, as its top priorities. The following pages describe who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Systems of Artificial Intelligence is a young company working in the field of Information Technology. We believe that the best results are achieved through careful communication between us and our clients. Therefore, we take all issues and projects seriously and strive to establish trustworthy relationships with our clients, always providing guarantee for our services.

At SAI, we measure success by our ability to create the value that our clients, our people and the wider investing public are looking for. SAI is based in St. Petersburg, Russia with representatives in Moscow and Boston, United States.

We provide Information Technology services including:

  • IT installment, maintenance and service;
  • Software and Web Services development;
  • Startup maturity support;
  • IT Consulting;
  • Self-developed IT projects;
  • Cyber Security services.


IT projects unit is the elaboration of 13 products in the field of information technology, both for the B2B sector and for the retail B2C sector. We divide the IT projects unit into 2 categories – large projects and small projects in terms of their complexity and the possibility of global distribution. We are at different stages of completion of our projects, but we have already performed hypothesis testing and market analysis, and they both verified the relevance and future demand of our developments.

Our main specialization is the applications development with the qualitative elaboration of C ++ and Python code. However, our experts also have extensive experience in implementing mobile application projects using Swift and AOSP. Our separate scope of work is the development of landing pages and web resources, both in Python and in PHP. Additionally, we also have experience in development of 3d video games on Unity and CryEngine engines.



Our breakthrough innovations & startups department constantly analyzes the market and supports the projects that are most relevant for the dynamically changing world. Our company regularly participates in international conferences with the goal of implementing successful venture projects, as well as introducing modern technologies into everyday life.

In 2017, our employees participated in 18 international professional exhibitions and conferences. We closely follow the development of the IT industry and actively promote the use of artificial intelligence.



Russia, 198035
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