Freely scalable application keeping users remotely in touch with the emergency response units.  It has a possibility to deploy an emergency calls system and a hidden remote surveillance system. The primary target audience commercial use in B2B: transport companies, bodyguard companies, personnel control, BTL agencies and other enterprises that have the need for remote control of their personnel. Additionally, AngelSOS provides the possibility of an emergency button, so the user won’t have to dial a number and wait for an answer.

Examples of use:

  1. Emergency call button with a minimum cost of instant deployment (up to $70).
  2. Transport tracking with the possibility of emergency calls for cargo carriers.
  3. The ability to monitor personnel who work remotely.

The target audience for commercial use in B2C: parental control for children’s safety. The possibility of monitoring child’s location and the ability to connect to his/her device remotely for video surveillance.

Система экстренного реагирования и удаленного видеонаблюдения AngelSOS

Install and test AngelSOS on yours Android-devices.

Web-service AngelSOS (dot/place of response).