SAI-sender Windows/Linux

PC application that allows emailing in large quantities with the bypass of the SPAM filters. Example of use: sending advertisements or sending corporate emails to the large number of recipients.

Technologies used in this application:

  • an exclusive opportunity to send letters using the TOR system;
  • the ability to substitute IP through various protocols - VPN / Socks / Proxy for a user-specified listing;
  • rotation of message topics;
  • rotation of the message body;
  • rotation of the sender's addresses;
  • a large number of parallel streams for sending letters;
  • the active status bar when sending out the newsletters, reporting each step of the software;
  • an intuitive interface and ease of use.

Version 1.5 for OS Windows: http://itsai.org/saisender150.zip.
Version 1.5 for OS Linux: http://itsai.org/saisender150.deb.
Test keys: from sai201 to sai3999

In case of any problems with the use of this software product, please contact our support service at +78123093408. Also, we draw your attention to the fact that the number of test keys is limited, additional keys can be requested from us by contacting us in any available way!​